A Century City



The city offers many amenities. These are changing rooms, showers, heated L-shaped pool, diving board, and slide. The pool is tentatively open on June 1st of each year, closing for the season at the end of August.  Swimmers can enjoy the pool during open swim times and some of the special swim times. Special times include Open Bay Night and Pool Olympics. The pool also offers swim lessons for beginners up to adults. Adults may also enjoy aerobics classes that run all summer. If anyone is interested in renting the pool for an after-hours pool party all they need to do is contact the pool manager and set up a time. We encourage families to use the pool all summer we are now allowing you to bring soft pool toys to make your time at the pool more fun.


Pool Hours:

August 7th - 11th the POOL will be closed for Open Swim. Swimming Lessons are taking place this week 

Open Everyday 



Call the City Office for Pool Updates: 218-782-2570

Pool Manager:  Hanna Black (218) 791-1876

Please Call if you have questions

or to sign up for Pool Parties :) 


2023 Pool Fees:


$5.00 per day

Season Pass Open Swim Only




Season Family Pass Open Swim  Only


Season Family Pass Open Swim and Lessons


Swimming Lessons- Infant, Preschool 1 & 2, Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6