A Century City

Mission Statement and City Values

Mission Statement

The government of the City of Greenbush exists to promote and sustain a superior quality of life in Greenbush.  In partnership with the community, we pledge to deliver cost-effective services in a personal, responsive, and innovative manner.


The government of Greenbush values:

Citizens as customers, deserving the highest quality of services delivered by a local government.

Encouragement of progressive thinking through employee involvement & teamwork.

Fairness, integrity, and trust as essential qualities of ethical governance.

An open, accessible government, where citizen involvement is vital.

A community that is renowned for its beauty and cleanliness.

Taking pride and achieving the highest quality in all we do.

Positive liaisons with local government organizations.

Achievement of a positive solution to every problem.

People as our most important resource.

Responsibility and accountability.

Public safety for all citizens.


Every citizen contact is an opportunity to demonstrate these values.