A Century City

Mayor of Greenbush- Eric Etherington                      


Greenbush Council Members- Christine Foss, Shawn Walsh, Josh Kern and Tim Truscinski 



2024 is the next election. Eric Etherington, Josh Kern, and Tim Truscinski will be up for re-election at that time.      


Regular Council Meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month. They are held in the Greenbush Community Center at 5:30 pm unless posted otherwise. Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings. If you have something you would like to discuss with them you may call the city office to be put on the agenda or speak during the public comments section of the agenda.

Council meetings can be attended through Zoom.

The meeting information is: 


Meeting ID: 258 250 2650
Passcode: 6aZF04

Callin using:
Meeting ID: 258 250 2650
Passcode: 882672