A Century City

Fire Department

The Greenbush Volunteer Fire Department is located at 244 Fourth Street North. The department currently has 32 Volunteers. They respond to fire calls within the city and surrounding townships. Anyone 18 or older interested in joining the fire department may contact the fire chief or any of the other firefighters in November and December. The only time new members are admitted to the department is if there is space on the roster. The whole department votes on whether or not to allow the interested party to join.

Some of the things the department takes into consideration are age, physical fitness, where you work and how far from town you live. If a candidate meets all the requirements and is voted in, then they would be admitted to the department at the annual meeting in January.

The Greenbush Volunteer Fire Department is an active organization.  In addition to responding to various fire calls in the area, it also volunteers its time for controlled burns on private property, sandbagging in times of flooding,

sponsors a yearly smoker, and volunteers at various community activities.  The fire department also is dispatched to vehicular accidents where their services are needed.  Firefighters have monthly training drills and meetings.  Members also take part in off-site training to learn new techniques.  In addition to serving the Greenbush area, they are also mutual aid members with Badger, Karlstad, and Middle River.

Nearly as old as the town itself, the Greenbush Volunteer Fire Department

continues to serve an important role in the community. 

Fire Chiefs
A.A. Burkee 1906
Jim Roche 1941-42
Ing Lillemon 1943-46
Vernon Fugleberg 1947-60
Don Wicklund 1961-1971
Axel Lieberg 1972-1973
Nels Wicklund 1974-1976
Melvin Sovde, Jr. 1976-1979
Richard Sovde, Sr. 1979
Russell Wicklund 1979-2002
Randy Jenson 2003 - 



you need assistance with a fire please dial 911.


Fire Chief

Randy Jenson


Phone: 218-782-2512